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Medical Coding

The financial health of your practice depends on coding accuracy, guideline compliance and flawless execution. Our periodic internal reviews will help you stay on top of the constant changes and updates to medical billing and coding.

QCMB’s Tailored Billing Solutions Include

Prevent potential lost revenue due to inaccuracies or missed coding opportunities by relying on QCMB’s certified coders. Our coders have a solid understanding of CPT coding, bundling and unbundling of procedures, ICD-10, HCPCS, HEDIS, and other quality measures. 

We also assist providers in identifying opportunities to improve documentation. Our auditing services are designed to give you the confidence to code appropriately and remain compliant. QCMB auditing preserves the financial integrity of your practice and improves your bottom-line. 


Our Certified and Dedicated Coding Specilists will


Code operative and procedure notes to the highest degree of CPT accuracy and ICD-10 specificity


Follow coding guidelines and legal requirements to ensure compliance with federal and state regulations


Randomly review patient charts and documents for accuracy


Be a resource regarding insurance resolutions and coding questions


Our fees for coding audits are included in our billing service agreements. Call us at (915) 351-6600 for a free consultation and to learn more about our coding compliance audits.